Turning Work

The RADIAL magnetic clamping works on the basis of an electro-permanent magnet when a short electric impulse is enough to clamp the work piece to the magnetic table with a force of several hundred tonnes. The turning work is executed without any power supply. To demagnetise, a short reverse electric impulse is used. The modern control unit provides a high clamping safety, a possibility to regulate the clamping force and zero residual magnetism in the work piece after demagnetisation. Furthermore, it is equipped with an option of Ethernet connection, thanks to which we are able to provide a fast reaction in case a change in the settings is required, to diagnose a malfunction and thus provide a more effective service intervention that will save you time.

The use of magnetic clamping systems does not only increase the working scope of the machine, but it also significantly reduces the preparation and clamping times, which makes your production at least by 25% more efficient. This number is not just a theoretical calculation: it is backed by 17 years of experience in our production where we currently use over twenty appliances of this type and various sizes, up to the diameter of 3,650mm.

Technical parameters for RADIAL Standard

Technical parameters for RADIAL Pro